Tuesday, August 27, 2019

School designs submitted for awards

Projects will be invited to
display at the Conference in
Chicago, on November 22-24.
Twenty-four school design projects have been submitted for judging in the 2019 Invitational Exhibition of Educational Environments.

Awards in the 29th annual competition will be decided by a jury comprised of three school administrators and three architects at IASB office in Springfield on September 12. The event is sponsored by IASB Service Associates.

Design projects to be judged are limited to new or renovated facilities owned or operated by or for Illinois public school districts, used for instructional, recreational, administrative, or other purposes, and completed in time for occupancy with the start of school in Fall 2019.

The jury will select projects to receive Awards of Distinction, which is the highest level, as well as Awards of Merit and Honorable Mention. Projects will be invited to display throughout the three-day Joint Annual Conference in Chicago, November 22-24.

A description of last year’s winners can be viewed here.

All 24 entries will be added to IASB’s School Design Data File. This searchable online database is available for use by school districts and architectural firms and is updated each year after the competition. It currently contains more than 500 Illinois public school design projects in a database housed on the IASB website.