Friday, August 16, 2019

NSBA Summer Leadership Seminar in Chicago

The 2019 NSBA Summer Leadership Seminar for IASB officers and executives and other state’s school board association leaders are being held August 16-18 in Chicago.

The conference focuses on leadership sessions for state association officers, as well as updates on federal issues. Other highlights include: opportunities for regional and peer-to-peer networking, a look at key trends, as well as an exploration of collaboration, shared vision, innovation, and leadership development.

Attending from IASB will be: Executive Director Tom Bertrand, as well as Association officers, including: President Joanne Osmond, Vice President Thomas Neeley, Immediate Past President Phil Pritzker, and Treasurer Linda Eades.

“The great thing about this seminar is that it provides sessions and exercises to help participants better understand their role as motivators, leaders, and change agents,” said IASB Executive Director Tom Bertrand.

The seminar has been held in Chicago for many years. The agenda for this year’s event includes exercises for sharing state association perspectives.