Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Digest of Bills Passed provides useful advocacy tool for school officials

The IASB Governmental Relations Department has prepared and distributed the annual Digest of Bills Passed publication for 2019. The publication contains a list of 102 education-related bills approved by lawmakers during the spring session. The 28-page booklet is categorized by topic and bill number, each containing a brief summary of the proposal. Indexes by bill number and title are provided to assist users in finding the legislative information they seek.

A section to help determine where the bill stands within the legislative process is also included. A chart indicating what action the governor can take on a bill is also provided, and a breakdown of how to determine when a bill will take effect.

In short, the Digest of Bills Passed provides local school officials with the necessary facts to advocate for or against initiatives that are under review by the governor. Board members and other school leaders should use the information when contacting the governor’s office regarding any bill that may impact or influence local education decisions.

The Digest is available on the IASB website and has been mailed to member districts.