Friday, May 3, 2019

IASB officer nominations sought

The nominating committee of the Illinois Association of School Boards is seeking candidates for the offices of president and vice president. Nominating forms available here are due, with supportive documents, in the IASB office in Springfield by 4 p.m., August 2, and candidates will be interviewed that same month.

The following criteria will be used by the committee in considering nominees: leadership experience and general participation in IASB activities; leadership experience on the local board; involvement with other education-related organizations; other leadership experiences; and special talents or interests of benefit to IASB as currently constituted.

 The IASB Nominating Committee, when considering persons recommended for IASB elective offices, shall consider the following criteria:
  1. Demonstrated leadership on a local board of education and at IASB division and state levels.
  2. Demonstrated participation in a wide spectrum of IASB activities at all levels.
  3. Demonstrated ability to speak for public education in Illinois and to be an advocate for IASB positions.
  4. Involvement with other education-related associations or organizations.
  5. Other leadership experiences.
  6. Special talents or interests of benefit to IASB as currently constituted.
  7. Membership on the IASB Board of Directors for at least two years is preferred.
Officers serve one-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive such terms, or until their successors are elected and qualified.
Nominations for elective offices shall be made according to the nominating committee procedures that are posted at the IASB Members-Only website. Candidate Data sheets for the office of IASB president or vice president are required and must be received by 4 p.m., Friday, August 2. Please mail to: Chair, IASB Nominating Committee, Illinois Association of School Boards, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62703-5929. Please contact Chris Montrey at 217/528-9688, ext. 1143, with any questions.

A candidate slate will be presented to the Delegate Assembly in Chicago on November 23.