Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Second chance:
Get current on Collective Bargaining

Those who missed IASB’s Collective Bargaining Workshops missed
  • Current information on key collective bargaining issues and techniques
  • The changes in federal and Illinois law and governance as they relate to collective bargaining
  • Expert guidance from school attorneys and administrative staff
  • Q and A with experienced negotiation team members
Now IASB’s Online Learning Center is offering members a second chance to get that important information.

IASB is presenting the Naperville workshop as an Online Learning Center course. The Naperville event was presented by Melissa D. Sobota and Shelli L. Anderson, attorneys from Franczek, P.C.

More than 200 board members and superintendents attended the live events. But the online course represents a second chance for members to see and hear what they did, and examine trends in collective bargaining. Register for this course to learn about key collective bargaining issues such as: compensation, benefits, working conditions, the Janus decision, and more.

The cost of the online course is $20. Go to and log in through the gold MY ACCOUNT option in the left margin of the homepage to learn more.