Monday, April 1, 2019

Post-election deadlines looming this spring

April 23 is last day for the election authority to canvass the election returns and report results of the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election to the board secretary. The board secretary is then required to transmit election results to the school board.

April 30 is the last day for school boards to reorganize by seating new members elected on April 2.

Reorganizing the board means electing officers, as well, and setting a time and place for regular meetings. More information about the procedures and requirements for the post-election school board reorganization is available in a free brochure, “Organizing the Board.” It is available to view or download from the IASB website.

Another key date after the election is May 1, the last day to file a required statement of economic interests. The filing requirement applies not only to all school board members, but also superintendents, building principals, heads of departments, employees responsible for executing contracts of $1,000 or more or promulgating school district rules and regulations, hearing officers, supervisors with authority for 20 or more employees, and any employee in a position that requires an administrative or chief business official certificate.

An economic interest statement must be filed with the county clerk in a form provided by law.