Friday, April 5, 2019

Alliance Legislative Report 101-12

The Illinois House of Representatives and Senate spent the majority of the week working through bills on their respective chamber floors while also amending bills in committees to posture them for passage before next week's deadline.

With no action this week on the teacher minimum salary bill, the Physical Education mandate bill, or comprehensive teacher shortage legislation, next week will likely determine the direction of the rest of session as the General Assembly moves towards the May 31st adjournment date. While many bills will have deadlines extended, every deadline passed on the calendar helps to further define what legislation is active and what is not likely to become law this session.

Although legislation on some of the major issues did not move this week, there was no shortage of bills impacting school districts that were considered. In this report you will find a list of bills that were approved by committees for floor action and that were approved on the floor and moved to the opposite legislative chamber.