Monday, March 18, 2019

PRESS goes platinum
with Issue 100 of the service

PRESS issue number 1 is shown with
the Update Memo for issue number 100.
The new issue of PRESS, IASB’s Policy Reference Education Subscription Service, is number 100, and it is being celebrated with a Platinum-look “stamp,” on the cover, and with features on developments from the recent legislative veto session, materials on threat assessment for school safety, and more.

An accompanying March 21 webinar will review PRESS, and also look at the customized PRESS Plus Issue 100. Webinar presenters will be IASB Office of General Counsel attorneys and Policy Services consultants.

PRESS is a subscription-based IASB resource for sample policies and procedures that includes a big value-added content, namely the legal rationale and references supporting those policies and procedures. PRESS has two components published online: a Policy Reference Manual, and the periodic updates and revisions to that document.

Those who have used the service, including IASB Executive Director Thomas Bertrand, say it has more than proven its worth: "As a superintendent for sixteen years, I found PRESS to be invaluable in terms of providing timely updates to ensure our district's compliance with the latest legislative changes. Using the service provided our district tens of thousands of dollars in value annually that we were able to redirect to serve our students," Dr. Bertrand said.

The first-ever issue of PRESS was published in April 1993 (see accompanying photo). Not an online publication back then, it featured a summary of the landmark federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, and helpful information about a school board’s duty to bargain school district reductions in force (RIF).