Friday, March 1, 2019

Alliance Legislative Report 101-07

The Alliance would like to thank all who attended the Alliance Leadership Summit this week in Springfield. Principals, Superintendents, School Business Officials and School Board Members from across the State were able to learn more about and advocate for the issues important to school management. The impact that school leader advocacy had on the Capitol was significant and it will continue to help shape the discussion on issues vital to schools going forward. Two major issues impacted by the advocacy efforts of school leadership were the minimum teacher salary bill (HB 2078, Stuart D-Collinsville) and a weekly minute requirement for Physical Education (HB 2234, Harper D-Chicago). Both of these bills were scheduled for a committee hearing Wednesday, but neither were called due in part to the strong resistance from local education leaders present in Springfield. It is important to keep this pressure on to defeat these two bills. A great way to do that is fill out a witness slip and register your opposition to these pieces of legislation. A witness slip lets your name be a part of the record whether or not you are at the Capitol. A tutorial on how to fill out a witness slip can be found here. 

Only the House of Representatives was in Session this week, but starting next week, both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly will be in session weekly until the legislative Spring Break in mid-April. For the majority of legislation still pending, the end of March will be the deadline to move bills out of committee and on to the floor. The scheduled deadline to pass bills out of the first chamber is April 12th. While these deadlines lead to a flurry of activity, they are deadlines by rule only which can be, and often are, extended.

Click here to read the complete Alliance Legislative Report 101-07, including bill action from the past week and bills scheduled for committee next week.