Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 New School Laws include a number of new mandates

The Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance has compiled and published its annual New School Laws publication. The 40-page booklet is meant to inform school leaders about new statutes and changes to existing laws that were passed in 2018 and took effect beginning in 2019.

The document highlights 142 new laws that impact Illinois school districts. Notable changes this year include an updated oath of office for school board members, new reporting requirements for the Illinois school report card, dual credit changes, and requiring an active shooter drill with students present.

New laws cover a variety of topics, including teacher recruitment, safety and security concerns, transportation issues, election law, student attendance, and numerous TIF district concerns. A total of 21 new school mandates were also put in place last year. A full list of all school mandates enacted since 1992 is available on the IASB website

Also included in this publication is Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS) information regarding new legislation. If a new law requires action by the school board, the corresponding PRESS policy number will follow the public act information.

The publication has been mailed to district superintendents, business officials, and principals, along with each school board’s president and legislative liaison.

The 2019 New School Laws is also available online.