Saturday, December 22, 2018

School board members will see
new oath of office under law in 2019

Beginning in 2019, school board members elected or appointed to a seat on their local board of education will need to recite a newly revised oath of office. Passed by lawmakers and signed by the governor earlier this year, Public Act 100-1055 makes changes by adding additional language to the previous school board member oath that has been in place since 2006.

The new law states that before members take their seats on the board they must recite an official oath “that is in substantially the form” listed within the statute. Prior to 2006, there was no official oath of office for board of education members in Illinois.

“The oath of office is a verbal agreement to the community that holds board members accountable in their role, as elected trustees, for their local school district. It defines their role as a school board member for their community,” said Reatha Owen, senior IASB field services director for the Blackhawk, Central Illinois Valley, Corn Belt, and Western Divisions.

The school board member oath of office can be found on the IASB website and is also available for download as a certificate that can be signed by the board member, board president, and district superintendent.