Sunday, December 30, 2018

Conference panel handouts
available for members, JAC attendees

Handouts from many of the panels presented at this year's Joint Annual Conference are available through the Members Only portion of the IASB website.

Panels with links to their materials are listed by the panel title, hotel location, and room name. The panels appear in chronological order of the Conference, i.e., by the day and time slot they were presented. The only exception to this order is the board secretaries' panels. Those materials are listed after all the other panels.

Note: Panels are only listed if materials have been submitted. Additional panels and their online materials will be posted as they are received. The handouts are links to PDFs or PowerPoints.

The links will be available until Sep. 1, 2019. To download the panel handouts, simply click on the link for the desired document.

The handouts are available by logging-in to the IASB member database, choosing the Members-Only tab at the top of the page, and selecting Annual Conference from the drop down menu. Once there, find the section entitled “2018 Conference Handouts” and follow the link.

Handouts are available to anyone whose name is registered in the IASB member database. This includes board members, superintendents, secretaries, and other individuals associated with IASB member districts.

For detailed instructions on how to log in to the IASB member database, click here.