Friday, November 2, 2018

School Board Members Day:
time to #ThankABoardMember

The School Board Members Day logo may be used
in honoring members via websites and newsletters.
November 15 of each year is officially designated as School Board Members Day in Illinois. The honorary day offers an opportunity to recognize the nearly 6,000 school board members across the state and thank them for the leadership they provide to school districts and the community.

This year's School Board Members Day theme is "Sharing the Vision." IASB is encouraging district personnel to contact their community leaders, business partners, local civic and parent organizations, and other area leaders to join in recognition efforts. Share the honorary
A poster is also available to share.
activities on social media using the hashtag, #ThankABoardMember.

To assist in recognition efforts IASB has created tip sheets for administrators, students and parents, and community groups and businesses. A sample article for adaptation as a newsletter, or to run as an editorial or letter to the editor in local media, has also been written. Additionally, an honorary certificate that can be personalized and presented to board members is available. 

To recognize local board members on social media, six images featuring leadership and visionary quotes that can be posted across various social platforms are available. Other graphics that can be used on websites and newsletters include the 2018 School Board Members Day logo, a poster, and an email header

School districts and other groups are welcome to use any of the School Board Members Day resources without additional permission. All the materials are accessible on the IASB website.