Monday, November 5, 2018

Journal offers insights
into trauma-informed practices

The November/December issue of The Illinois School Board Journal looks at trauma-informed practices in Illinois. These stories are illustrated with the concept of Kintsugi, “golden joinery,” or Kintsukuroi, “golden repair.” This centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold lacquer gives each piece a unique appearance and, and the tradition indicates, creates an even more beautiful work of art.

In “No lost causes: Trauma-informed philosophy seeks to serve the whole child,” writer Dan Naumovich explores the work underway in several Illinois districts. A conversation with Courtney and Chris Daikos shares their work and philosophy, including classroom practices that can help mitigate the adverse childhood experiences that affect a child’s lifelong health, education, and social well-being. Sparta CUSD 140 offers a look at the development of its trauma informed practices.

The Journal also includes a peek into the new Eighth Edition of Essentials of Illinois School Finance by James B. Fritts.

Watch your mailbox for the November/December issue, or click the image below to read the complete digital version.