Monday, October 15, 2018

Online planner available for Conference

An Online Conference Planner is now available for those looking to attend the 2018 Joint Annual Conference, Nov. 16-18, in Chicago. By creating an online planner, participants can view all events and create a personalized agenda to carry with them at Conference on their mobile device.

The online schedule planner is available on the Conference webpage and lists events by date, type, or category.

Note: Visitors need to create an account with the third party website there, called Sched, to use the planner. To create the account, click on the Sign Up link under the gray Schedule box on this Sched website and follow screen prompts to fill in the blanks for sign up. The Online Planner and personal Conference schedule can be printed and synced to mobile devices for instant, offline access to the schedule of events.

Once the account is created, the Online Conference Planner allows the user to view events by date, type or category. Individual events in each category are listed in chronological order by title and description. Listed at the right of each event is the location by hotel, time, and room name. Multiple events may be chosen for each time slot.