Monday, October 8, 2018

Five countywide sales
tax questions to face voters

In addition to several local school district finance referendums on the November 6, 2018 ballot, countywide sales tax propositions to benefit schools are scheduled in five counties: Jasper, Kendall, Menard, Sangamon, and Tazewell. A sales tax of up to 1 percent earmarked for school facilities is sought under the authorizing state law that took effect in January 2008. To date 51 counties have adopted such a sales tax to benefit schools, according to Stifel Financial Corporation, a financial services company headquartered in St. Louis.

Revenue from countywide sales taxes for school facilities benefits all school districts in a county where such questions win voter approval.

Such a sales tax, when adopted, does not impose any tax on goods or services that are not already subject to sales taxes. Goods and services that are not subject to the additional tax include cars, trucks, ATVs, boats and RVs; mobile homes, unprepared food, drugs, and farm equipment and parts.

IASB will report on this blog the results of all the November 6 school referendums. Results of school finance referenda since 1989 are available online by clicking here.