Monday, August 13, 2018

News from ISBE

Districts sending in 2017-18 attendance data
School districts are required to submit their latest yearly attendance data to ISBE by August 31 under a key provision of the new Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) law. Under the law, ISBE is required to calculate and use districts’ best three-month average daily attendance (ADA), and nine-month ADA, for purposes that range from calculating per capita tuition charges to reckoning payments of school maintenance and energy efficiency grants.

The District Average Daily Attendance/Prior General State Aid System in IWAS opened in June for submission of the 2017-18 attendance data. The system mirrors the General State Aid data submission portal used in past years, and it reflects the same district personnel approvals as in the past. Attendance data itself is to be reported the same way as in past years.  For questions on submitting the required attendance data, contact ISBE’s School Business Services at 217/785-8779.

Capital needs survey
The state is reminding school districts to complete and submit the Capital Needs Assessment Survey. The survey will remain open for district responses until September 7. Full participation in the assessment will help ensure an accurate portrayal of the capital needs of all districts throughout the state.

The survey arises because ISBE and the Capital Development Board are required by Public Act 93-0489 to file a comprehensive assessment report of the capital needs of all school districts with the legislature every two years. January 1, 2019, is the due date of the next such report.

District superintendents and regional superintendents were emailed a copy of the latest Capital Needs Assessment Survey on April 16, along with a cover letter.  Districts that did not receive a copy of the email have been asked to let the State Board know.

Additional forms, if needed, are available on ISBE’s finance webpage or the Capital Development Board website. Completed forms may be submitted by mail to: School Business Services, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL 62777-0001; or by email at:

For more information, contact Christine Kolaz, ISBE School Business Services, at 217/785-8779.