Monday, July 23, 2018

State treasurer offers
financial literacy program

State Treasurer Michael W. Frerichs and the Illinois State Treasurer’s office, in collaboration with the nonprofit Econ Illinois, are offering “Money Minded Illinois,” to school districts in the state. This professional development program is aimed at improving implementation of the new financial literacy standards in social sciences.

The professional development for teachers includes “a deep dive into what inquiry is and how it can be applied across any topic. In addition, we focus on the Financial Literacy standards, providing sample lesson plans that can be replicated in the classroom,” according to the treasurer’s office.

The Money Minded Illinois program also includes lists of resources for elementary, middle, and high school programs, as well as community events.

Illinois’ financial literacy rubric starts with elementary-grade introductions to economic decision-making, saving, borrowing, and spending. In middle and high school, the standards include studies in budgeting, jobs and income, and cost/benefit analyses of investments and insurance.

Click here to review the state’s Social Science Standards at the Illinois State Board of Education, and click here to learn more about Money Minded Illinois.