Monday, June 18, 2018

News from ISBE

Deadlines loom for Evidence-Based Funding allocation reports
on English Learners
As part of the Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) law passed in August 2017, the Illinois State Board of Education needs to notify school districts of the total English Learner (EL) funding generated by each school district’s students.

ISBE has completed the calculations for all school districts’ FY 2018 EL funding totals. District funding attributable to ELs needs to be spent on EL services according to the requirements of Article 14C of the School Code, as well as Part 228 of the Administrative Code

Districts need to submit an expenditure report through the period ending June 30 about all funding received under EBF in FY 2018 to show how EL funds were spent for the year. ISBE expects districts to enter their June 30 reports in the Electronic Expenditure Reporting System under revenue code 3305 and program name “Bilingual Ed. – TPE and TPI.” Reports will be due on or before July 20. 

Any EL funds not spent this initial year will be observed as carryover funding for FY 2019, according to ISBE, but must remain for exclusive use to support EL services, and districts should plan to spend any carryover funds in FY 2019.

… and Special Education
The EBF law requires ISBE to calculate the total special education funding generated for each organizational and specially funded unit. This amount includes any special education funds generated under the Base Funding Minimum and Tier Funding. ISBE reports it has completed the FY 2018 special education funding totals. By law, all units of participating districts, and all specially funded units, must use their special ed funding to provide special educational facilities and services as defined in Section 14-1.08 of the School Code.

… and Low-Income resources
Each unit of a participating district is required to describe how it will use the Base Funding Minimum and Tier Funding it receives with specific identification of how they intend to use low-income resources. ISBE has completed the calculations of the low-income resources for FY 2018 EBF distributions. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) don’t need to submit expenditure reports to ISBE for any low-income funds generated under the Base Funding Minimum and Tier Funding computed under EBF.

Questions about Evidence-Based Funding allocations should be submitted to