Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Safety panel's best practice recommendations 'really good'

Recently released “best practice” recommendations of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force School Safety Working Group “are really good, and cover most of what school districts need to do to make schools safe,” according to IASB Deputy Executive Director Ben Schwarm, a working group member.

Schwarm said districts should take a look at the 12 recommendations released by the select working group on April 5, 2018, which detail how school districts can best protect students and staff from violence, particularly the threat of an active shooter.

The recommendations, which contain no mandates, focus on three main categories: behavioral threat assessment, hardening of facilities, and response protocol in schools.

“Many of these recommendations would take little to no cost to implement and, as noted in the working group report, can have a strong impact on overall school safety and security,” Schwarm said.

More information on the broader topic of school safety is listed on the IASB website.