Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May/June Journal offers call and response

 IASB Journal
The May/June issue of The Illinois School Board Journal considers the calls of 2018 — safety and security, community engagement, salaries, and technology — that are making headlines in the education world, and the responses a school district might have to each of these calls.

The issue includes the annual administrative salary update, which reports how superintendents and principals compare regionally, nationally, by gender, and by type of school district. IASB’s community engagement work continues with an updating of the original documents to reflect best practices and lessons learned since the program’s inception. The Journal also follows national gun violence headlines with “The school board’s role in responding to and preventing gun violence in schools,” by IASB Assistant General Counsel Maryam T. Brotine and “Prepare for the worst, plan for the best,” by Rick J. Kaufman, a nationally recognized expert in crisis communications.

Look for the May/June Journal in your mailbox, or click below to read the digital version.