Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Division governing meetings scheduled from late April to June

A full list of summer governing meetings
is now available on the IASB events calendar.
A number of IASB divisions will be hosting summer governing meetings over the coming months. While these division-level meetings serve the purpose of enabling collaboration among board members within the region, they also allow Association members the opportunity to offer input on future programing for division events.

The governing meetings are normally held once or twice a year, in summer and/or winter months. The field services director will facilitate a discussion with division members to identify topics of interest and importance. The suggested topics will be prioritized and used to schedule speakers and other programing for fall and spring division dinner meetings.

Governing meeting agendas also focus on maintaining association governance and include resolutions and field services reports, as well as roundtable discussion.

All school board members and superintendents from the division are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings. A full list of summer governing meetings is available on the IASB events calendar, along with registration information.