Thursday, May 31, 2018

Alliance Legislative Report 100-70

The Illinois General Assembly is poised to adjourn for the summer today upon approval of a Fiscal Year 2019 State Budget. The Senate passed the budget package Wednesday night; the House of Representatives approved the bills today (Thursday). In a scenario that has not been witnessed for years in the State Capitol, a full-year budget was approved on overwhelmingly bi-partisan votes. The Governor and the legislative leaders set partisan differences aside this spring and agreed on revenue estimates and a spending plan for the state.

Both the House and Senate are still currently working through some remaining bills but are expected to adjourn later today.

After receiving revenue estimates from the Governor's Office of Management and Budget and the Legislative Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability that were never too far apart, the Governor and leaders agreed on a revenue prediction of $38.5 billion. For elementary and secondary education, the appropriations bill (HB 109) increases the amount for the funding formula by $350 million. Of this, $50 million is earmarked for the Property Tax Relief Fund that was created in SB 1947, the bill enacted last year that established the evidence-based funding formula. Mandated categorical grants would be funded at the current levels and early childhood education would see an increase of $50 million. HB 109 was approved by the Senate on a vote of 56-2; the House passed the bill on a 97-18 vote.

The Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP), HB 3342, includes substantive components necessary to put the budget into place. It was approved by the Senate 54-2-2 and by the House 100-14.

Click here to read the full Alliance Legislative Report 100-70, including details about the BIMP, the bill approved to mandate statewide teacher salary increases, a bill addressing the teacher shortage, and other public education-related bills approved this week.