Thursday, April 5, 2018

Evidence-Based Funding calculations complete, vouchers issued for payment

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has completed final calculations for the Evidence-Based Funding Model, with vouchers sent to the Illinois Comptroller to begin the payment process.

The Evidence-Based Funding formula outlines an adequate funding target for each school district, established from enrollment numbers of the past three years and 34 evidence-based factors proven to deliver positive impacts for student achievement. The new formula compares current resources for each district to its adequacy target, with funding increases directed to the most under-resourced districts.

In a press release issued today by ISBE, State Superintendent Tony Smith stated, “We have a common understanding of what all of our children deserve. Evidence-Based Funding puts us on the path to deliver on the promise of equity for all Illinois students. Investing in equity is the superior growth strategy for our state.”

The complete list of 2018 Evidence-Based Funding calculations for each district is available on the ISBE website. Approximately $395 million in new funding is expected to be issued under the revised formula, with the final six school aid payments to contain all of the FY 2018 tier funding.