Friday, February 23, 2018

Alliance Legislative Report 100-57


With only the Senate convening in Springfield this week, substantive bill action was limited, but a new bumper crop of bills was introduced by the Illinois General Assembly. The Alliance is tracking bills that impact all issues affecting our schools. Bills have been introduced on a wide variety of topics. Those posted to committee are being tracked by the Alliance and appear later in this report.

Alliance advocacy for safe schools and safe learning environments is now, as always, in the forefront of legislative action. While no new legislation has emerged as of yet in the wake of the Florida school shooting, bills are expected to be introduced to amend current school safety policies and procedures. To assist school districts with the current law and to help districts be proactive, the IASB has created this document that provides guidance. The document addresses what school districts are currently required to do under the School Safety Drill Act and some best practices for securing facilities.

Being in communication with law enforcement is one of the most important actions for local school districts to take to ensure a safe school environment. School districts are encouraged to keep an open channel of communication with local police and first responders. The Alliance is working on a statewide basis with law enforcement agencies to make sure that districts are provided the most updated information on school safety threats and resources to help respond to any threats.

Click here to read the entire Alliance Legislative Report 100-57, including a number of other education-related bills currently under consideration by the General Assembly.