Wednesday, December 13, 2017

ISBE Briefs

IL-EMPOWER pilot districts set
Eighteen Illinois school districts have confirmed their participation in the IL-EMPOWER pilot project. Once a final district has completed the confirmation process, all 19 school districts will be announced by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Thirty providers have been approved by ISBE to administer services under the new statewide school improvement system. A full list of providers, an overview of their services, and their contact information is available here.

IL-EMPOWER will replace the previous single-provider model used by ISBE to assist districts with school improvement. The new system is intended to give schools more choices, while focusing resources on the needs of the whole child.

ESSA district-level reporting
Under the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), all districts will be required to report per-pupil expenditure data at both district and school levels beginning with 2018-2019 school year. ISBE recognizes the challenges this will present for schools across the state and is working to align the requirements of the Evidence-Based Funding Formula (EBFF) and ESSA to minimize reporting as much as possible.

To assist with the reporting requirements, ISBE developed an “Introduction to Site-Based Expenditure Reporting” webinar to help districts begin preparation for the new standards. The webinar slides and a question and answer document are also available. 

New Evidence-Based Funding Formula resources
ISBE has also created a number of new EBFF resources and updated others to reflect common questions. quick guide and technical guide to base enrollment have been posted, in addition to an updated FAQ

Three new webinars to aid districts in “Understanding the Evidence Based Formula Distribution Calculation” are also available. The webinars are broken into three modules: Determining a district’s adequacy target, determining a district’s local resources, and the distribution of state funds.