Thursday, December 21, 2017

Annual Report now available online for
IASB members

IASB’s Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report is now available online for Association members. The statement outlines the Association’s financial activities for the year, including income, expenses, total liabilities, and net assets. The data also looks at the make-up of IASB membership and the services, products, and resources available for member districts.

The purpose of the Annual Report is to explain and show what the Association is doing, and the means used, to fulfill IASB’s mission and vision. In addition to providing a yearly financial update, the report highlights changes that have occurred within the board of directors and IASB staff.

The entire Annual Report is posted on the Members Only portion of the website. To access the document log in to your IASB account, select the Members Only tab at the top, and choose the Governance selection from the drop-down menu. Annual reports dating back to 2013 are listed within the Members Only section.