Friday, November 3, 2017

IASB Delegate Assembly
may hear two resolutions on appeal

Resolutions on appeal will be considered by the delegates
if the appeals are passed by a majority of those present and voting.
Two member school districts are appealing IASB Resolutions Committee decisions on their Delegate Assembly resolutions that were given a “Do Not Adopt” recommendation.

Hamilton Co. CUSD 10 in McLeansboro proposed that boards have the option of developing Student Safety and Protection Plans to allow armed school staff on school property for the protection of students and school personnel. New Berlin CUSD 16 proposed that IASB support a 1 percent sales tax statewide to provide additional revenue for public education.

Such appeals are allowed under Article IX, Section 5 of the IASB Constitution: “Notice of appeal must be submitted in writing to the Resolutions Committee. The committee must be in receipt of the written appeal no later than the close of business eight calendar days before the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly. A majority of the delegates present and voting at the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly is required for consideration of appeals.”

The rationale presented in favor of the student safety and protection resolution states that many schools do not have the financial resources to employ full-time security, and many are located in areas where it may take thirty minutes or more before an effective law enforcement team can arrive in response to a life-threatening event. The rationale favoring a 1 percent sales tax for schools says state funding of education in Illinois is in crisis, and it notes that an IASB position statement already supports the addition of new state revenues for public education. 

A total of five new resolutions were introduced by school districts this year, with the IASB Resolution Committee recommending "Do Adopt" for two, which means those two new resolutions definitely will be considered by the IASB Delegate Assembly. One deals with PARCC testing results, and was submitted by Altamont CUSD 10. It says IASB shall petition the Illinois State Board of Education to fairly report discrepancies in the scoring of state-required standardized testing. The other seeks to ensure there is no penalty for an under levy of property taxes. Submitted by Naperville CUSD 203, it would support legislation that allows school districts to levy an amount less than the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) formula would allow without penalty in future years.

The IASB Constitution also allows each delegate of a district appealing a Resolutions Committee recommendation of "Do Not Adopt" to have five minutes on the assembly floor to present a case as to why their resolution should be considered. If a majority of delegates vote in favor of hearing the resolution, that proposal will be presented, debated, and voted on. If upon the second vote a majority of delegates vote in favor of a resolution, IASB’s Position Statements would be changed to include the new position.

Each member district of IASB may send one delegate to the Conference to vote on resolutions at the Delegate Assembly. Advance registration for delegates is not necessary. Upon arrival to the Hyatt Regency, district delegates should check in at the delegate registration desk to obtain credentials and information on participating in the Delegate Assembly.