Thursday, October 26, 2017

One day set aside
to honor year-long board service

In 2017, it will be 10 years that Illinois has marked Nov. 15th as School Board Members’ Day. The resolution marks an official observance for what locally elected board members do all year long; serving their communities in non-paying, non-partisan positions by governing their local school districts.

IASB has created a tip sheet with a number of suggested activities for administrators, community groups, students, and staff to assist in recognition efforts. Districts may also want to highlight the day on their marquee message boards and share a picture of the message board on their social media pages.

Other social media outreach for School Board Members’ Day is also encouraged. IASB has created a logo districts can use with accompanying Facebook and Twitters posts, and schools are encouraged to include a picture of their school board with a statement from the superintendent or other school faculty thanking board members for their service.

An honorary certificate that can be downloaded and personalized for local board of education members is also available. District administrators may want to consider presenting the certificate to school board members at the November board meeting.

Additional resources to assist with School Board Member’s Day outreach are posted on the IASB website .