Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sample policy, news releases
available prior to Conference

IASB encourages school boards that plan to attend the Joint Annual Conference to be pro-active in documenting their professional development experiences and expenses at Conference.

That includes adopting a policy in support of professional development for board members that permits and encourages ongoing leadership training for board members.

IASB has a sample policy (2:120) on this issue: “The school board desires that its individual members learn, understand and practice effective governance principles. The board is responsible for board member orientation and development. Board members have an equal opportunity to attend state and national meetings designed to familiarize members with public school issues, governance, and legislation.

“The board president and/or superintendent shall provide all board members with information regarding pertinent education materials, publications, and notices of training or development.”

Boards should consider the sample policy or adopt their own before attending the Joint Annual Conference, which is scheduled for Nov. 17-19 in Chicago.

The conference provides training to school board members and administrators through hundreds of panel presentations, workshops, general sessions, and exhibits on school governance and leadership, education funding, student learning and achievement, school law and technology, as well as current education issues and best practices.

Sample news releases are also being developed by IASB to assist those districts that want to pro-actively share what they will do and/or did at the 2017 Joint Annual Conference. Both releases will contain language that allows districts to specify who attended, how much the district spent, and how it fit into the district budget and professional development goals. There will be additional blanks to fill in names and titles with suggested quotes and to make other optional remarks.