Wednesday, August 9, 2017

IASB offers free online courses

The IASB Online Learning Center has recently added three free courses to familiarize members with IASB history, leadership structure, and services.

 “This is an effort to meet our members where they are,” said Sandra Kwasa, director of board development for IASB. “There is a lot to learn about being a school board member, and about IASB, so we’ve developed free content to help new members start the learning process and veteran members expand their knowledge.”

Two recently added free courses were developed as part of IASB’s ongoing effort to improve the division leadership experience and inform members of the division leadership structure. The courses include:

  • Leaders Light the Way: A History of IASB is designed for individuals desiring a deeper understanding of The Illinois Association of School Board’s rich history, which spans over 100 years of service to public education.
  • Leaders Light the Way: Division Leadership was developed for division leaders, those who aspire to be division leaders, or any individuals desiring a deeper understanding of the Illinois Association of School Boards’ leadership structure. Specifically, the course overviews the history of IASB divisions, explains the division structure and defines roles and responsibilities of division leaders.

“We recommend this information for veterans as well as new board members,” said Kwasa. “Those aspiring to leadership roles are well-advised to learn the rich history of the Association, and to understand the division structure.”

The other free course, Searching for the Next Key Administrator, is presented by IASB’s Executive Search staff, providing board members with an overview of the superintendent search process, key considerations before embarking on a search, the role of the search consultant, and the services offered by IASB searches staff.

To access the Online Learning Center, visit and click My Account.

Board members are encouraged to develop an ongoing professional development plan so that they can continue to gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to their school board service. IASB’s online courses are offered in an easy-to-use online format containing targeted information on a featured topic, with short question-and-answer knowledge checks. All paid OLC courses offer LeaderShop Academy credit. The LeaderShop Academy recognizes board members who continuously learn by taking workshops and courses within the program.