Friday, August 11, 2017

IASB leadership urge Governor, General Assembly to end school funding delay

President Phil Pritzker
Today, IASB President Phil Pritzker and Executive Director Roger Eddy sent a letter to Governor Rauner and legislative leaders urging compromise on a proposal that will allow funds to be distributed to Illinois public schools.

With the start of school only days away, Pritzker and Eddy stated, “School districts are currently attempting to make preparations for the new school year in an environment of complete uncertainty. This uncertainly will affect decisions that will impact the education programming that students receive. Children and parents are feeling the very real consequences of what we believe are very fixable issues.”

The two IASB leaders went on to encourage a compromise between the governor and legislative leaders that will put in place an Evidence Based Funding Model to distribute funds to those with the most need.
Exec. Director Roger Eddy

“This is a real chance to close the equity gap that currently exists in school funding. There is widespread, bipartisan support for this approach. We strongly urge the governor and leaders to work together on a compromise so that our schools can receive already appropriated funding in a timely manner,” said Pritzker and Eddy.

The full letter is available on the IASB website.