Thursday, August 10, 2017

FY 17 categorical funds released

It is unknown when Illinois public schools will see their first General State Aid checks, but some past-due money for districts was released today. Comptroller Susana Mendoza announced that $429 million in mandated categorical grants would be dispersed to districts across the state. The funding represents the Fiscal Year 2017 third-quarter categorical payment that was due in March.

Mandated categoricals are distributed in four quarterly installments per year, and are intended to reimburse districts for expenses such as free lunch and breakfast programs, special education personnel and services, and transportation expenses.

The amount of categorical funding varies from district to district, depending on a number of factors, including transportation needs, and the number of students enrolled in specific programs. In distributing the funds, Comptroller Mendoza emphasized that the money was “no substitute for the General State Aid,” but that the grants should “help provide needed cash flow to schools.”

Mendoza’s entire statement on the release of categorical funding is available on the Comptroller’s website.