Sunday, August 13, 2017

Alliance Legislative Report (100-38)

The Illinois Senate voted to override the governor’s amendatory veto of SB 1. In the Sunday afternoon session, Senators voted 38-19 to reject Governor Bruce Rauner’s revisions to SB 1. If the House of Representatives also successfully votes to override, the bill will become law as originally approved by the legislature.

The bill passed the Senate in May largely mirroring the Vision 20/20 evidence-based funding proposal. The House of Representatives also approved the bill, but only after adding two amendments regarding Chicago Public Schools. When the bill finally reached his desk in August, the governor removed the language added by the House and made several other significant revisions to the proposed new formula. Many of the governor’s changes would have a negative impact on public schools that depend on the funding formula.

SB 1 will now be sent to the House for consideration where it faces an uphill fight in the effort to override the governor. The House returns to the Capitol on Wednesday. If the House fails to achieve the 3/5 vote necessary to override the governor, it will be the death of SB 1.

With a number of legislators wanting a funding formula bill that lies somewhere between the House version of SB 1 and the governor’s revisions of SB 1, a bipartisan group of legislators continue to work together to find compromise language in the event the House override effort of the SB 1 veto is defeated. Other action in the Senate today placed HB 3163 in a posture in which it can be used as a new vehicle for school funding reform legislation.

The Senate set no firm return date as it adjourned until the call of the chair.