Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Alliance Legislative Report (100-35)

Governor Bruce Rauner Tuesday morning made revisions to SB 1 through use of an amendatory veto. The broad gubernatorial power that is authorized in the Illinois Constitution allows a governor to amend legislation that has been approved by the legislature and send it back to the General Assembly to consider his changes. The Senate today read the veto message into the record, thereby starting the clock on the constitutional time limit to take action. The Senate must act within 15 days. The sponsor can file a motion to accept the Governor’s changes, or to override the veto.

SB 1 contains a new evidence-based funding formula for the distribution of the bulk of State funding for schools. The appropriations bill enacted in July states that funds may only flow to schools in Fiscal Year 2018 if an evidence-based funding model is in place.

Click here to read the complete Alliance Legislative Report (100-35), including what’s next, what’s on the table, and what revisions the amendatory veto includes.

This blog post has been updated due to publishing errors in the original.