Sunday, June 4, 2017

Updating district rosters ensures member participation

IASB has a quick video showing how member
districts can update their local district rosters.
With the recent election, more than 1,200 newly-elected board members have joined local school boards. These new members will be added to IASB’s member database as soon as member districts update their local district rosters.

IASB enables all member districts to create a profile for each elected school board member and administrative staff, including contact information, the end-of-term date, and any additional titles, such as board president, vice president, or secretary. This same database is also the source for each board member’s professional development records, their log-ins to policy subscription services, and their entry to transact with IASB in order to register for events, buy books, and other services.

Last year, IASB switched to a new member database system that streamlines operations, better engages members, and enhances the member experience through improved delivery of services. Once a member is added to the district roster, they will also receive notifications, emails, and mailed publications that they are entitled to. That includes New Board Member Packets, which are mailed to all newly-elected board members who have been added to their district rosters, and The Illinois School Board Journal.

Those making the roster updates can follow the step-by-step instructions and a quick video that walks users through the process. Other member database instructions are also posted to assist board members, superintendents, and PRESS subscribers in using the system to its full potential.