Friday, April 28, 2017

Governing meetings start May 2

Beginning May 2,15 of IASB’s 21 divisions will host a summer governing meeting, where board members can help division officers and IASB field services staff determine programming needs for future division dinner meetings. These gatherings are also a good place to get updates on other Association events and activities.

Each such meeting features a discussion of possible topics, dates, and locations of future division dinner meetings. At these meetings, the field services director facilitates a conversation to identify and prioritize topics of interest. All school board members and superintendents from a division are welcome to attend and participate in these governing board meetings.

Not all divisions will hold governing meetings. In some divisions, the membership takes an equally valid approach by delegating to an executive committee the responsibility to work with the field services director to identify topics of interest to districts in that division.  

Division officers, serving two-year terms, may also be chosen at these division governing meetings, based on voting of member school board representatives. Officers elected include: Chair, Director, Vice Chair, and Resolutions Chair, and other officers as provided by the division in the divison by-laws. The selection process gives each Active Member school board of the Association one vote, cast by a school board member, upon a slate provided by a nominating committee and/or nominations made from the floor. Ballots are provided for contested positions.

More information on these upcoming meetings is available by clicking on the link for a chosen division meeting on the IASB calendar page. Registration is now open for the meetings and can be completed online by accessing the IASB member database. Access is available by visiting the IASB website and clicking on MY ACCOUNT, and logging in with the email address and password that is on record.