Friday, April 21, 2017

Alliance Legislative Report 100-15

The Illinois General Assembly is concluding a two-week break and will return to action next week. The House of Representatives will re-convene on Monday, April 24 and the Senate will resume on Tuesday, April 25. Most action will take place on the respective floors of the chambers as the deadline has passed for a bill to be considered by a committee. Committees will be meeting as needed, however, to consider amendments to bills. The deadline for floor consideration in the chamber of origin is Friday, April 28.

The state continues to struggle without an operating budget in place for most agencies and programs. Before the legislative respite, the majority in the House passed their budget plan to get through the rest of this fiscal year. Called by many names – the lifeline budget, the stop-gap budget, the partial budget – the plan is intended to fund higher education and some social service agencies through the end of June. It is unclear at this time if the Senate will entertain that budget contained in HB 109.

On the larger budget scale, there have been reports that key players have been trying to salvage the “grand bargain” budget plan in the Senate, though there has been no visible movement regarding these components. Thus far, the chilled relationships among Republican and Democrat, House and Senate, and legislature and governor have not seemed to show any defrosting.

There are dozens of significant pieces of legislation that will be considered next week for passage out of the first chamber. Alliance members are urged to talk with their legislators regarding those bills that would impact their school districts. A “Hot Bills” list can be found here.

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