Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Orientation advice for boards with new members

IASB has updated a popular election document intended to meet the needs of school boards welcoming newly elected or appointed board members to a new board team.

In order to become a high-performing team, each board should address the orientation needs of its newest members. In odd-numbered years, many school boards gain at least one new member, and some even acquire a new majority of four or more new members in the school board election process. New board members may also join the board to fill mid-term vacancies. That’s why IASB developed a self-guided workshop, Orientation: Building the Board Team.

This publication outlines the "nuts and bolts" work of school boards in a process designed to facilitate conversations about a school district's identity, purpose and the board processes available to fulfill that purpose. The 2017 edition of Orientation: Building the Board Team includes sample agendas, methods of sharing the district’s identity, and governance process basics. It also includes an updated section on mandated and other board training/education opportunities.

The orientation process is designed to be conducted in three, 90-minute sessions. They can be part of regularly scheduled board meetings or conducted as special meetings. While the orientation is designed to be self-directed, outside facilitators may also be used.

The document is available to download from the IASB website.