Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FAQ available to assist districts with water testing

The FAQ document is now online.
By the beginning of 2018, thousands of Illinois elementary schools will need to have completed lead testing on water that is consumed by students, whether through drinking fountains or used in food preparation.

While most districts are aware of the new lead testing law, there are some very specific guidelines schools must follow for the testing to meet the required legal standards. To assist with this process, IASB has created an easy-to-use frequently asked questions document.

The nine-point FAQ will help districts determine whether they need to test their water, when and how samples should be taken, where the samples should be analyzed, and the necessary steps that must be followed when notifying the public. 

Further questions about specific testing procedures should be directed to local water suppliers. IASB will provide additional updates regarding testing school water as new information becomes available.