Friday, February 10, 2017

Six online courses now
available for board members

IASB’s Online Learning Center has rolled out three new professional development opportunities for school leaders, as well as continuing to provide training mandated by state law.

The new courses include “Senate Bill 100: School Discipline Reform,” “Searching for the Next Key Administrator,” and “Bullying Prevention: The Board’s Role.”

The course on new student discipline rules provides information on the role of boards of education regarding student discipline procedures. Topics covered include discipline foundations prior to the implementation of SB 100, changes to suspension and expulsion procedures, disciplinary removals to alternative schools, behavioral, and disciplinary interventions, and other mandates contained within the statute. The course is $30 for members and receives a ¼ LeaderShop credit.

The course on executive searches is an overview of the superintendent search process, including considerations before embarking on a search, the role of a search consultant, and the IASB executive searches service. Registration is required for this brief course but it is free to members.

The newest addition is “Bullying Prevention: The Board’s Role.”  This topic details the requirements of the board’s bullying policy, the many forms of school bullying, and the board’s role in supporting a culture free of student harassment. The course is $30 for members and receives ¼ LeaderShop credit.

Three other courses are offered to fulfill mandatory board member training. Those courses are:
  • Open Meetings Act (OMA) Training
  • Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training (as a combined course)
  • Performance Evaluation Reform Act Training (as a stand-alone course)
“IASB’s Online Learning Center offers an anywhere, anytime, low-cost method to meet the state requirements. We are continuing to develop content of interest to school board members so there will be much more to come.” said Dean Langdon, IASB associate executive director.

OMA training, which is required to be completed 90 days after taking the oath of office, focuses on the act as it applies to school board meetings and members.

PDLT covers a variety of topics to assist with board responsibilities and functions, including education and labor law, financial oversight, and judiciary responsibilities. Per state law, all board members must take PDLT within the first year of their first term on a board of education. PERA training is required for school board members who participate in a vote on a tenured teacher dismissal based upon the “optional alternative evaluation dismissal process for PERA evaluations.”

PDLT and PERA are offered as a combined four-hour course; however, PERA can be taken as a stand-alone training option for those board members who need to meet only this requirement.

IASB’s online courses are offered in an easy-to-use online format containing targeted information on a featured topic with short question-and-answer knowledge checks. Courses earning LeaderShop credit include a course certificate upon completion. Course certificates for the state-mandated training should be submitted to the school district office.

Langdon noted that courses taken online are also integrated with IASB’s member database, which will track all applicable LeaderShop credits and archive successful completion of courses for Association members.

The Online Learning Center is accessible from the “quick links” drop-down menu at, or by clicking the “MY ACCOUNT” button (also at and selecting the “Online Learning” tab at the top of the page after logging-in.