Sunday, February 12, 2017

ESSA statewide conference

A statewide conference for school leaders on the 2017 Every Student Succeeds Act, exploring the theme “Turning point: from NCLB to ESSA,” is being held Feb. 13-15 to the Sheraton Grand Hotel Chicago.

State officials who organized the event explain this year marks a “Turning Point” under federal law from NCLB to ESSA. The final state plan for ESSA will emphasize “the singular purpose of supporting the whole child, from early learning through post-secondary success,” according to ISBE Superintendent Tony Smith. Smith says the plan will engage public, private, and philanthropic resources to “design supports for students” to fit their backgrounds and needs.

Highlights of this conference, sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education, include:

•    Detailed sessions illuminating the Illinois ESSA state plan
•    Five keynote speakers
•    More than 170 concurrent sessions and workshops in such topical strands as engagement with parents, families, and communities; innovative approaches to education; education for the homeless; and more
•    A strong focus on early childhood education on Feb. 14
•    State and federal updates and grant support
•    ISBE technical assistance

For further information about the program, visit here.