Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Latest PRESS issue largest ever

PRESS Issue 93 – the largest-ever issue of IASB’s Policy Reference Education Subscription Service – is live online and has been mailed to subscribers.

PRESS is a resource tool for school administrators, school board members, or school attorneys looking for well-reasoned sample policies and procedures and the legal rationale and references to support them.

The active legislative season, including the work of the Illinois General Assembly, the U.S. Congress, and state and federal regulatory agencies, created a “perfect storm” of necessary PRESS Policy Reference Manual (PRM) updates. By the numbers, this update includes:

  • 150 PRESS materials updated (policies, administrative procedures, exhibits, etc.)
  • 516 pages of the PRESS PRM replaced – this includes 327 PRESS content materials, plus 189 pages from miscellaneous and index additions (note that the previous PRM was 1040 pages – these updates replaced almost half of it).
  • 94,198 words and 824 footnotes in the 327 pages of PRESS content materials, excluding the 189 pages of misc. and index additions

PRESS Issue 93 addresses many topics, including Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); expenses (board member and employee); Open Meetings Act; Freedom of Information Act; residency; the Speech Rights of Student Journalists Act; employment and licensure disqualifications; employee leaves; Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act; final Smart Snacks rules; concussion oversight team and protocols; SB 100 finalization; and miscellaneous legislative changes such as curriculum, medications, and more.

To access PRESS, subscribers will need to sign in to the IASB Member database (go to IASB.com and select the yellow “MY ACCOUNT” button, or see log-in instructions). For PRESS Plus subscribers, PRESS updates have been applied to local school board policy manuals and customized packets have been mailed.

Each issue of PRESS is drafted and then sent for review to the PRESS Advisory Board. This feedback is incorporated into each issue. As the IASB Office of General Counsel completed PRESS Issue 93, they led an in-service meeting for the IASB Policy Department. During that meeting, IASB attorneys discussed all changes to PRESS materials. Examples of conversations that occur during this meeting include reasoning for specific footnotes, choices of sample policy language, and what questions may come forth for a policy consultant when working with a board on a service offered through the Policy Department that uses PRESS as its foundation. Generally, these meetings last about two hours; however, PRESS Issue 93’s meeting was over five hours.

The IASB Office of General Counsel is currently planning PRESS Issue 94, the annual veto-session issue that will address any new legislation during that session. Publication is expected in the first quarter of 2017.