Thursday, October 27, 2016

Still time to plan
for School Board Members’ Day

In less than a month, communities, school districts, and residents throughout Illinois will have the chance to honor local citizens who have taken on the responsibility to serve as school board members.

Created by legislative action in 2008, School Board Members’ Day is observed each year on Nov. 15. The annual day of recognition serves as an opportunity to thank local school board members for their commitment to the school district and their dedication to the entire community.

The Theme for School Board Members’ Day is “Leadership Starts Here.” To assist with recognition efforts, IASB has created a number of materials to help districts and communities honor local school board members. The resources include a themed logo, sample press release, letter, and article, as well as marquee messages, Illinois school facts, and an honorary certificate that can be personalized and presented to board members at a meeting or other related school event. 

School districts can use any of the resources without additional permission from the Association. All of the materials are available for download on the IASB website.