Monday, October 24, 2016

Alliance Legislative Report 99-54

Both Governor Bruce Rauner’s Illinois School Funding Reform Commission and Senator Kimberly Lightford’s (D-Maywood) group of education stakeholders and legislators continue to meet to discuss school funding reform. The Commission, comprised mostly of legislators, has been meeting every two weeks for the past couple of months. Lightford’s group has been meeting regularly as well.

Much of what has been done to this point is background information and research, but there has been discussion of potential alternative funding distribution plans like the Evidence-Based Funding Model highlighted in the Vision 20/20 platform. The Alliance organizations have been actively involved in the meetings and discussions and have made presentations regarding the evidence-based plan.

Now that all four legislative caucuses and the governor’s office are fully engaged in the process, expectations have risen to the point where some type of new school funding formula is anticipated in the spring.

Click here to read the complete Alliance Legislative Report, including a list of enacted laws with additional mandates on local school districts.