Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Districts can claim refunds for tech purchases

Schools can get refunds for LCD devices they bought from 1998 to 2006.
School districts and schools that bought certain flat-screen LCD TVs, computer monitors, and notebooks have until Oct. 4 to claim cash refunds obtained in a $104 million settlement.

Specifically, the state has settled potential claims on behalf of Illinois school districts and other political subdivisions that purchased LCD panel products between Jan. 1, 1998, and Dec. 31, 2006 for their own use and not for resale.

Schools and school districts may receive thousands of dollars, depending on the number of items purchased. No receipts, invoices, or other proof is required to file. The filing forms take a few minutes to complete and submit.

The payout stems from a lawsuit filed by the state of Illinois that alleges Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) manufacturers conspired to fix prices, causing illegal overcharges.

Although the exact payment depends on the total claims made, school districts could get up to $270 for each TV, $205 for each monitor, and $165 for each notebook computer. But quick action is needed, because the filing deadline is near. School districts and schools may not file their own separate lawsuits, and claims must be filed by Oct. 4 in order to qualify to receive funds under the $104 million state settlement.

To submit a claim form online, click here.