Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Celebrate School Board Members Day

The eighth annual Illinois School Board Members Day will be celebrated on Nov. 15. Created by the legislature in 2008, this day of recognition honors board members for their leadership and commitment to achieving excellence in education.

The theme for the 2016 School Board Members Day is “Leadership Start Here.” Members of local boards of education must be responsible leaders not only for the schools and students they are elected to represent, but for their entire community. Board members play a critical role in representative democracy and strive to protect two precious resources: children and tax dollars.

While everyone knows school board members attend meetings, those hours together account for just a fraction of the time they devote to the school district. Board members often attend extracurricular events to support their schools. They participate in professional development opportunities to learn how to be better board members. They are involved in other local activities, representing themselves, their community, and their district. And they are committed to their board responsibilities, not for a paycheck, but to ensure that all students have quality educational opportunities that put them on a path to success. 

To recognize these efforts, IASB has created a package of materials to help districts and communities honor the dedication of local school board members. Illinois School Board Members Day resources include a themed logo, sample press release, letter, and article, as well as marquee messages, Illinois school facts, and an honorary certificate that can be personalized and presented to board members at a meeting or other related school event. 

School districts are welcome to use any of the School Board Members Day resources without additional permission from the Association. All of the materials are available for download on the IASB website.