Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vision 20/20 video makes the case for Evidence-Based Funding model

As lawmakers and education experts continue to pursue changes to the way money is distributed to public schools, Illinois Vision 20/20 is helping to explain what many view as the best path to reforming the state’s outdated school funding system.

The Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success model is a centerpiece of the Vision 20/20 blueprint for the future of education in Illinois. The model relies on proven research and would provide funding by aligning resources for practices that have been shown to drive positive student outcomes. Equity would be built in to the formula, while adequacy would be defined based on a new “District Adequacy Target” that utilizes 27 researched-based elements.

Vision 20/20 has created a short video to explain how the Evidence-Based Model for Student Success would transform Illinois’ school funding formula and create a pathway for the state to invest in student success.

(Reuse of this video is for educational, noncommercial purposes only; 
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As stated in the video, Illinois’ current school funding system is both inequitable and inadequate, with resources distributed based on ZIP code rather than need. Instead, the Evidence-Based Model will provide a framework to identify the necessary investment per student. Once funds are dispersed from the state, local districts will be able to decide where to invest those dollars to provide the greatest opportunity for student success.

More than 500 Illinois school districts have pledged support for the Illinois Vision 20/20 initiative. Additional information about the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success model is available at the Vision 20/20 website.