Tuesday, August 23, 2016

LSBA establishes school flood relief fund

The Illinois Association of School Boards is responding to a request made recently by Scott Richard, executive director of the Louisiana School Boards Association in Baton Rouge:

“Natural disasters such as the historic flooding event occurring in south Louisiana never happen at a ‘good time’ … this one is hitting just as many school districts started the new school year. In fact, the most seriously affected school districts had just completed day one or two of the new school year, and now face the challenge of trying to get schools up and running again ― without the necessary supplies needed to do so. Moreover, many families have lost all their belongings and their homes.

“While we know state and federal assistance is in process, the LSBA Board of Directors and membership felt it appropriate to establish an LSBA Fund for Restoring Schools in order to provide some additional assistance in the short term ... As we learned from past experience with natural disasters; it's imperative that schools get up and running as soon as possible. Every day that is lost is a day a student is not learning,” Richard said.

The Louisiana School Boards Association represents 69 local public school districts in the state of Louisiana. Their relief effort is aimed at helping the schools most dramatically affected by the recent and unprecedented flooding, back up and running. All contributions into the fund will be donated by the LSBA to school districts based upon the proportion of students whose schools were flooded.

The school district will then decide how best to expend the funds, as they will best know how to address their individual needs. While there is the promise of federal assistance, that often takes time. The LSBA will be able to provide short-term assistance for such necessities as classroom supplies, repairs, clean-up costs, and basic technology replacement.

“Your help will make the difference in the education of children, many of whom have suffered the loss of their homes and personal belongings,” Richard added. 

To access the LSBA fund for restoring schools, click on this link: