Friday, August 26, 2016

IASB school calendar released

IASB has posted its Annual School Calendar of legal dates and deadlines for 2016-2017 online. This is published in order to help school districts prepare their local school calendars. Dates contained in it comply with all statutory deadlines in the Election Code, the School Code, and selected acts of the General Assembly.

Among the noteworthy new listings in the calendar are the updated election deadlines and a deadline arising under a new state law regarding board expenditures. On the board expenditure law topic, for example, the calendar entry for November 15 states:

Last day for school district to file with the State Board of Education, a one-page report that lists the actual administrative expenditures for the prior year from the district’s audited Annual Financial Report, and the projected administrative expenses for the current year from the adopted budget. (17-1.5)

The calendar is a PDF that can easily be downloaded here.